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Annual report
“Global experiences in collaboration between universities, businesses, and regional governments in the field of technology transfer” – an international conference

“Global experiences in collaboration between universities, businesses, and regional governments in the field of technology transfer” was the title of the conference that was held on September 20, 2011 in Moscow as part of the interregional and international “EURECA” program

Representatives of the following foreign universities and research institutions made their presentations at the conference: University of North Carolina (USA), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Germany), Humboldt-Innovation (Germany), Oldenburg University of Entrepreneurship (Germany), Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (Great Britain), and King’s Сollege London (Great Britain).

Russian participants presented a number of cases reflecting innovation development models that have already emerged and are still emerging in Russia on the basis of cooperation between institutions of learning, businesses, and regional governments.

The Rector of the National Research Technical University “MISiS”, D. V. Livanov, and the Deputy Head of the Technical Development and Production Department of UMPO OJSC, P. V. Alikin, presented experiences in collaboration between UMPO OJSC and “MISiS” in transferring high-precision complex casting technologies for the production of new generation aircraft engines.

Vice-Rector of the Tomsk State University, G. E. Dunayevsky, presented experiences in collaboration between TSU and production enterprises.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “KhimRar” High Technology Center, A. A. Ivaschenko, and the Vice-Rector of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in charge of information development and computerization, K. K. Zaitsev, reported on corporate development opportunities that take advantage of small innovation businesses established on the basis of universities.

The Director General of the small innovation enterprise “GLYOXAL – T”, M. A. Salayev, spoke about the development of a unique catalyst, glyoxal, on the basis of the Tomsk State University.

The Vice-Rector of the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov, A. R. Khokhlov, and the Head of “Schlumberger” (Moscow), D. V. Pisarenko, shared their successful experiences in collaboration between the Faculty of Physics of the Moscow State University and the Schlumberger Moscow Research Center.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of “IT”, T. G. Yapparov, presented his views on collaboration between IT companies and institutions of higher learning in the development and transfer of information technologies.

The Vice-Rector of the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, Mechanics, and Optics (ITMO), N. R. Toivonen, and the head of an ITMO department, S. I. Tsybukov, spoke about the development of industrial prototypes and production design in St. Petersburg.

The Rector of the Kazan National Research University of Technology, G. S. Dyakonov, spoke about his institution’s experience in collaborating with large enterprises.
The Director of the Center for Technology Transfer of the National Research Technical University “MISiS”, Page Heller, spoke about the peculiarities of technology transfer models in Russia.

The President of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia, Yu. P. Pokholkov, provided a detailed account of collaboration between the government of the Tomsk region and the Tomsk Polytechnic University. 

Participants captured the intersection points of models of interaction between universities and business, as well as between universities, business and government to be implemented in Russia and other countries, and that the lessons of successful international experience is important to analyze and use to improve practices in the Russian sphere of commercialization of science and technology transfer.

As a result of the conference there will be issued a digest containing a description of represented case studies and recommendations on their use and development.

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